June 2019 Dubai Fair


From June 10 to 12, 2019, at the Dubai World Trade Center, booth SA-I32, our company is on schedule to participate in the exhibition.





With customers from all over the world, the Dubai Fair is a stage for products testing and competing. Through this exhibition, we have a basic understanding of Dubai's basic demand for auto parts, the price situation and customer source, and it also increased our confidence in developing the international market. At the exhibition, we received many guests from different countries, had friendly exchanges and looked forward to further cooperation.



The customer in the picture above is very interested in our suspension. He has had a detailed understanding of the material, process and details of the production process. He also indicates that he will visit our factory in the future.





The guest in the picture above is very interested in our German-style axle, and inquired about the price and exporting situation in detail, indicating that he would keep in touch.



The customer in the picture above is so much impressed by our product quality and competitive price,  he placed orders directly in cash. He also indicated that he would cooperate for a long time.


We use real factory pictures, videos, export cases, after-sales service, reasonable price to communicate with many customers in depth. This exhibition fully reflects the comprehensive competitiveness and bright prospects of our factory products, focusing on product quality, better meeting customer needs, is our unremitting pursuit!

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